The Postdoc Academy: Succeeding as a Postdoc 

The first online course, “Succeeding as a Postdoc,” addresses foundational skills and career planning, establishing the professional habits postdocs will need to strategically prepare for their career and succeed in their postdoc. This six-week course will run three times a year on the edX platform with the next start date in April 2021.

We encourage institutions to adopt and adapt our open educational materials to serve the professional development needs of their postdocs. Explore course resources for each module:

Finding Success as a PostdocBuilding an Actionable Career PlanDeveloping ResilienceWorking Effectively in an Intercultural Environment

The Postdoc Academy: Building Skills for a Successful Career

The second Postdoc Academy course is titled “Building Skills for a Successful Career” and is scheduled to launch in July 2021. This series of modules will build advanced skills that will enable postdocs to transition to independence. Postdocs will explore:

  • Project management
  • Managing through team-building
  • Career preparation
  • Applying teaching skills beyond the classroom
  • Leadership
  • Rigor and reproducibility

Additional Resources for Postdocs

While some skills for postdocs are discipline-specific, there are many competencies that apply to postdocs of all disciplines and stages. Below you will find some (of the many) resources available to postdocs.