Learning Community Facilitation

Start a Learning Community at Your Institution

In addition to participating in our two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), we will encourage postdocs to join an in-person MOOC-Centered Learning Communities (MCLCs). These local learning communities will build upon the skills and learning from the MOOC through additional in-person discussions and interactive activities.

Each MCLC will be guided by a facilitator (senior postdoc, faculty, staff, etc.) who will be trained by the Postdoc Academy team. Facilitators will be provided with a detailed Facilitator Guide containing suggested discussion prompts and activities.

We are partnering with national networks and professional societies to deliver a Postdoc Academy train-the-trainer (TTT) program for facilitators to cultivate the capacity within institutions around the nation to adopt and adapt our materials to serve the professional development needs of their postdocs. Our TTT program will launch at the National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference in April 2020!

Connect with Other Facilitators

Once the Postdoc Academy TTT program has launched, we will create a discussion forum for facilitators to join our community. Check back soon!

Adapt and Use Our Materials

Once released, the content in the Postdoc Academy MOOCs will be freely accessible on this website and via the EdX platform. We encourage institutions to adopt and adapt our open educational materials to serve the professional development needs of their postdocs.