Project Management

Project Management, Administration and Budgeting

This content will explore the common language and terminology behind project management and administration, including how to develop and maintain a budget. You’ll have the opportunity to apply these concepts to your own example project.

Course Module Introduction

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the common language and terminology behind project management and administration and be able to use it in developing a project;
  • Distinguish the administrative functions of managing a project from the project content or goal(s);
  • Apply concepts of project management to their own example project.


  • Overview of Project Management

    open activity

    An Introduction to Project Management

    Activity: Project Elements Table

    Using this table, compare and contrast different elements of projects.

    Choose Your Project

    Activity: Choose Your Project

    Choose a project to use throughout this module and fill in this table. Identifying a project will give you an opportunity to fully engage with the activities in this module. 

  • Grants Administration 101

    open activity

    Research Lifecyle

    Common Terms

  • Financial Management

    open activity

    Creating a Budget: An Example

    Creating a Budget: Your Turn

    Activity: Budget Template Exercise

    Download this Excel template and follow these instructions to create your own budget.

    Staying on Budget

    Self-Reflection Prompts

    What strategies will you use to track your budget?

  • Tracking a Project

    open activity

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Self-Reflection Prompt

    What are some example KPIs for your project?

    Staying on Track

    Self-Reflection Prompts

    • What are common challenges to staying on track?
    • What strategies would you use to keep your project on track?


Course Module References

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