Postdoc Academy Learning Sessions (PALS)

During our course runs on edX, learners can join an optional institutional- or discipline-focused Postdoc Academy Learning Session (PALS). These learning communities enhance online learning by connecting content directly to the postdocs’ local context and community, and promote deeper reflection of the material. PALS are small groups of postdocs who meet once per week in-person or virtually throughout the six-week course. The group is led by a facilitator (a postdoc or a faculty/staff member supporting postdoc), and will uphold the following standards:

  • Create an environment for learning through reflection and discussion 
  • Promote equitable participation of all members
  • Build trust and create a sense of community
  • Uphold the norms and standards of the Postdoc Academy community

PALS FOR SUMMER 2023 (email to contact facilitators)
Postdoc Academy (Open PALS for any participant), contact, meeting 4-5pm EST via Zoom
Boston University (Institution-based)
Oregon Health and Science University (Institution-based)
University of Georgia (Institution-based) 
(list and meeting times will be continuously updated)

Are you interested in leading a PALS or being part of a PALS?