Saikat Banerjee, PhD

Postdoc Academy Intern, Northwestern University

Saikat Banerjee is a postdoc in the Chemical Engineering department at Northwestern University working on heterogeneous catalysis to develop sustainable chemical reactions. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota in 2020. He joined the Postdoc Academy in March 2021. Saikat is passionate about professional development for early-career researchers and is committed to building an open and honest community of scientists that support each other. During his graduate studies at the University of Minnesota, he was part of the Association of Multicultural Scientists where he worked in a group of student leaders hosting various social and professional events. He also served as the professional development chair for this organization. For the Postdoc Academy, he focuses on developing a community for postdocs and promotes engagement in professional development workshops and learning sessions.

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