Failure: Unlocking Our Potential for Success

open activity

Before you explore resilience, spend a few minutes to consider the concept of failure. There’s a lot of research consideration and re-consideration of the role of failure in achievement. We want to explore how failure can be used as a powerful part of our growth process so that when we encounter those inevitable failures, we can demonstrate resilience and move through them.

Failure: Unlocking our Potential for Success

Discussion Prompts

  • How do you define failure in your professional life?
  • Have there been events in your life that you initially perceived as a failure that eventually ended up leading to future successes? How did you make that realization/cognitive shift?
  • Have you ever let the fear of failure prevent you from doing something that you wanted to? Thinking back on those decisions, how could you have shifted your mindset to re-frame that fear into motivation.