Promoting Productive Postdoc Conversations: Mentoring Dialogue toolkits for Postdocs and Mentors

September 2023



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Description: The Postdoc Academy program is a comprehensive online and in-person professional development program available to all postdoctoral scholars (postdocs) to help them develop the transferable skills that will enable their success in a diverse set of biomedical careers. Our content includes free online courses, open educational facilitation guides and accompanying curricular materials, in-person workshops, and supported learning communities. We have reached over 7000 postdocs since our program launch, and 20% of our program participants are from underrepresented racial groups. Our research and program evaluation data has shown that postdocs use our program and its supported learning communities to have conversations with peers and facilitators that they are unable or uncomfortable having with their primary mentor, especially those postdocs from marginalized racial identities. This workshop will describe the resources we have created to enhance mentoring dialogues between postdocs and faculty, including dialogue frameworks and online modules, and promote discussion among GREAT practitioners on how to translate research mentor training opportunities into faculty taking action steps with their mentees.