2021 Virtual Facilitator Training

The Postdoc Academy offers an interactive, virtual training for those interested in facilitating postdoc learning communities at their institutions. The Postdoc Academy is an NIH-funded initiative designed to support postdoc skill development from orientation to their next career step. The Postdoc Academy online course is live on edX, and we’ve designed virtual Postdoc Academy Learning Sessions (PALS) to connect our online content directly to your postdocs’ local context and community, thereby promoting deeper reflection of the material.

This immersive workshop provides hands-on facilitator training, professional development resources, and introduces you to the community of PALS facilitators. Training is open to everyone, designed specifically for those interested in adapting our content to local programming, and accessible to newer facilitators. We expand on traditional programs by working through inclusive facilitation strategies and assisting participants to develop strategies for capacity building within their own institution. We focus on developing and practicing facilitator skills, as well as creating a community of practitioners, in addition to disseminating our materials and content. 

Please visit our facilitator website to learn how to join our community of facilitators, and for updated information about the next training opportunity.