Finding and Landing the Job

Strategies for Taking The Next Step in Your Career

You’re ready to pursue your career pathway – great! This module will provide an overview of important strategies for taking that next step. You’ll learn how to align your experiences with job descriptions, communicate strengths with key stakeholders, and create an action plan for job negotiation. You’ll also review the components of an application process, such as resume/CV and cover letter, and how to prepare for an interview.

Course Module Introduction

Learning Objectives

  • Align your experiences and strengths with job descriptions;
  • Communicate your strengths to key stakeholders (search committees, references, etc.);
  • Create an action plan for how to approach job negotiation;
  • Reflect on how to use the skills you’ve built to be successful in your job.


  • Deconstructing a Job Description

    open activity

    Basics of a Job Description

    Choose a Job Description or Two


    Choose one or two job descriptions. Find your own by purposefully searching across several different sectors. Then, in this table, summarize the job responsibilities and list what stands out as the most important skills/expertise in the job description.

    Self-Reflection Prompts

    • From the job description, what do you already know about the institution/company?
    • Does it make clear what is valued beyond skills and accomplishments?
    • Does this align with what you value in a career and your workplace?
  • Communicating your Strengths

    open activity

    Elements of Your Job Application Materials

    Cover Letters

    Resume? CV?

    Communications with Your References


    Draft an e-mail to a reference, summarizing the strengths you’d like them to communicate.

    Preparing for Your Interviews

    Activity: Preparing for your Interview

    Use this table to prepare for your interview. Think about what questions you might be asked, what about your experience is important to the interviewer, and what questions you want to ask them.

    During the Interview: from short phone calls to multi-day events

  • After the Interview

    open activity

    Negotiating the Offer: Early Stage Career Professionals Share their Negotiation Process

    Core Principles of Negotiating

    Self-Reflection Prompt

    What do you need to be successful in your career?

    You Got the Job! Now What?

    Self-Reflection Prompt

    Reflect on how to use the skills you’ve built to be successful in your new job.


Course Module References

Additional Resources

Job Search and Application Process