Working Effectively in an Intercultural Environment

Discovering The Ways That People Interact

Using the content below, you will explore working in intercultural environments, something we all do every day. In this content, we’re trying to capture the dynamic ways that people interact. In virtual journal club, you can explore the literature related to microaggressions and implicit bias. Finally, you will reflect on how to be inclusive of others in the formal and informal environments you experience.

Course Module Introduction

Reframing Introduction

Learning Objectives

  • Thinking about yourself – Develop an awareness of your own social, cultural, and professional identities through reflection.
  • Exploring the literature – Describe, based on the research literature, how the experiences of marginalized graduate students and postdocs are impacted in research settings.
  • Thinking about how you interact with others – Reflect on how your culture and identities interact with those of others in the formal and informal environments you experience. Experts reflect and participants observe and recognize strategies to create and support an inclusive environment.



Course Module References

Additional Resources

National Research Mentoring Network Webinars

NIH Scientific Workforce Diversity Toolkit

  • Provides resources and tips for promoting diversity at your institution, creating a diverse talent pool, and mentoring for diverse scientists